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Aceler® International, a team of experienced professionals in the Field of Industrial Minerals, is dedicated to serving the clients around the globe.

Our products offer wide range of raw refractory materials, abrasives to nonmetallic industrial minerals. At Aceler®, we strive to address our clients’ ultimate needs no matter it is catalog purchase or customized order.


Professional QC team, International standard inspection,ensures the physical/chemical composition for each batch.


the Spirit of Service comes from Responsibility
Optimized Logistics on both time/cost effective manner

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Highest quality at competitive rates,
earned us high praise all around the world.

The Best Industry And Company Services

Provides High Performance Services For Multiple Industries And Technologies!

Refractory & Foundry Casting

In the face of growing demand, refractories suppliers need to have access to a broad range of solutions. Aceler offers an extensive high-quality minerals with different functional properties.

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Ceramics & Abrasives

Extremely Advanced ceramics are used in a host of demanding applications from electrical fittings and thermal appliances to parts for the automotive, aerospace, military and medical industries.

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Chemical Industries

Our products widely used in paper& board, paint&coating, plastic & rubber, Fertilizer & Feed industries

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